Back-end Software Developer

Who we are?

Apptimia provides software R&D services in selected industry segments.

With a growing team of 30+ senior engineers, we help leading brands from USA and Western Europe solve their software R&D problems in a brand-new, lightweight mode and by delivering concrete outcome in iterative, agile way.

Apptimia focuses on IoT, UAVs, Telecom, Manufacturing and others industries working with different technology and software domains.

About project:

Developing distributed system for fleet of smart vending machines using cuting edge technologies.

Back-end Software Developer


  • Expierience working with nodejs
  • Expierience working with databases
  • Solid JavaScript/TypeScript knowledge

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  • Developing Node.js applications and microservices
  • Designing and creating databases.
  • Collaborate with a cross-functional team to ensure the best results.
  • Keeping up with new and emerging technologies that may have future use at the company.


  • International cutting edge projects – work with the technology leaders from CA, USA!
  • Very flexible working hours, home-office during selected days possible
  • Corporate-free environment, straightforward, simple, easy
  • Long-term commitment from apptimia side
  • Training voucher