Kongsberg Maritime Poland

 At Kongsberg Maritime, we are the largest marine technology specialist organisation in the world, with the most extensive product and knowledge base.

 Working together as a global team, we have created an integrated portfolio of solutions, for businesses, partners and nations operating from the depths of the sea; through outer space; to the digital frontier. We are trusted by more than 30,000 vessels sailing the world oceans, are 7,300 great team members strong and operate out of 40 countries worldwide.

 We specialise in the development and delivery of integrated vessel concepts for traditional merchant vessels, ROPAX and fishing vessels, as well as offshore and research vessels and offshore installations. Kongsberg Maritime supplies products and systems for advanced mapping and surveying, sonars, underwater communication, navigation, electronic charts,  marine robotics (Unmanned Surface Vessels and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles), and deliver deck machinery, propulsion, electrical, automation and real time control solutions.

 We have a clear mission to unlock immediate and long-term value for customers globally. Kongsberg Maritime is a trusted, stable technology and service delivery partner with a firm focus on developing intelligent solutions that optimise operations at sea.

Job offers


Software Engineer C#

Kongsberg are looking for Software Engineers with knowledge of C# who are familiar with creating desktop applications in .NETWe offer you work in a unique atmosphere in a company that has been on the market for over 200 years!

Salary: 8000-13000 PLN gross/month - Permanent


Software Engineer C++

Kongsberg are looking for Software Engineers with knowledge of C++ who are familiar with creating desktop applications in .NETWe offer you work in a unique atmosphere in a company that has been on the market for over 200 years!

Salary: 10000-18000 PLN gross/month - Permanent


Software Developer  C# or C++

Our natural working environment is the ocean.            Kongsberg Maritime is the world's largest advanced marine technology company. We provide innovative and reliable solutions for all sectors of the global maritime industry. The Group is headquartered in Kongsberg, Norway and has production, sales and service offices in 34 countries around the world.             Kongsberg Maritime technology team is a Product House responsible for innovation, development and improvement of our world class systems and solutions. We develop our own products and are involved in their full commercial cycle.            We navigate the oceans, protecting human life and environment. We ensure uninterrupted global trade, energy security, sustainability and economic well-being of the world’s nations. One third of the Earth's surface is land, the rest is Kongsberg Maritime!The history of KONGSBERG dates back to 1814, and for obvious reasons we cannot boast that we were already coding back then. Software engineering appeared in our product portfolio in the early 1970s when we introduced the first computerized navigation and marine automation systems. Today, we are the undisputed leader in pioneering solutions for the maritime industry and provide "mission critical" solutions to customers around the world. The owners of 30,000 ships and offshore installations (more than half of the world's registered fleet) have entrusted us with a mission to ensure safety, reliability and efficiency.  Szczecin technology team is an agile group of outstanding experts in software engineering and testing. Together we work in two main domain groups, Bridge Systems and Automation Systems:   Bridge SystemsWhile others navigate with their finger on the map, we safely steer the world's largest vessels. Yes, ships are the largest moving objects on Earth! Safe navigation is the efficient and coherent cooperation of many components and information sources, such as radars, electronic charts, GPS receivers, gyrocompasses, echosounders, speedlogs, weather and nautical variables etc. With data fusion capabilities, we integrate interrelated and interdependent components into a collective and logical system entity. We develop task-oriented and fully integrated navigation systems. We know that wind and waves always favour high-tech navigators! Automation SystemsDo you want to develop automation or do you prefer to be automated? Our team definitely belongs to the first group! Digitalization and automation are components that are accelerating the transformation of the maritime industry. Marine automation solutions typically include conventional process control systems, safety systems, ship management systems, power management systems, propulsion control systems, dynamic object positioning and other monitoring or remote/autonomous control products. We integrate our solutions into a universal automation system based on a unified platform that forms the information and operational backbone. Kongsberg automation enables efficient decision making by reducing or completely eliminating operator roles.Our leading languages are C#, C++ and embedded C. We also have on premises advanced hardware lab that extensively simulates real-world installations of our systems. The only thing we can't replicate in the lab is seasickness 

Salary: 8000-18000 PLN gross/month - Permanent