Why szczecin

The IT sector in Szczecin is growing at
a significant pace!

Services performed here are not typical outsourcing but rather nearshoring, based on very close daily collaboration and involving partial on-site work.

As a result, many of our companies work directly with the headquarters of global organizations developing the most innovative projects directly with them. Later once such projects move to the maintenance mode, they are outsourced to polish branches of those organizations.

High quality of life

Eco-friendly city:

  • a unique place to work and live comfortably and healthy,
  • oasis of greenery in the heart of the city (⅓ of the city is made up of green areas: forest, parks and squares)
  • low amounts of traffic jams and easy commuting to work,
  • very good air quality (much better quality of air than in most big cities across Poland),
  • a cyclist-friendly city,
  • excellent conditions for water sports and recreation,
  • safe family environment,
  • many entertainment options: cinemas, theatres, galleries, and numerous cultural events.

Highlights of our IT companies:

Most Oscar-nominated movies are edited using software produced by one of our companies in Szczecin (for example, selected visual effects within English Patient and Star Wars movies).

Head up displays, infotainment and embedded software is being developed here for most recognized German automotive brands.

Simulator of Leopard tank.

Cutting-edge 3D print of bolus (medication dose in cancer treatment).

European leader in product content library for retailers (FMCG, pharmacies etc.).

Awarded geolocated mobile visualisation apps for heritage tourism (VR, AR).

Microsoft- & Forbes-awarded Sales Force Automation apps & management solutions (retail, pharmacies).

Take a look at the list of job offers, apply for the selected position and start your career in Szczecin!

Human capital:

  • above 402 500 population
  • above 32 800 students
  • 15 universities

Szczecin offers perfect connectivity and access to the markets in Poland, other European countries and worldwide with:

  • International airport 33km away with direct flights to UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Finland and additionally Berlin airports 2,5h away;
  • Rail routes – connection to the Polish and European cities including direct Deutsche Bahn trains to Berlin;
  • Shipping junction – the seaport trade exchange facilities with Western Europe, China and Africa;
  • Shipping junction – the seaport trade exchange facilities with Western Europe, China and Africa;
  • Roads connection to the motorway system in Western Europe and the rest of Poland;
  • Transit roads intersect connecting Western Europe with the Baltic countries, Scandinavia with the South of Europe.

The convenient location of Szczecin allows for doing business across the EU as it is:

  • 12 km to the German border,
  • 65 km to the Baltic Sea,
  • 127 km to Berlin,
  • 7h trip to Frankfurt am Main,
  • 450 km to Warsaw.